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bold, edgy, custom

cut + color for

cool + eclectic clients



I provide high quality cutting and coloring services that work with the existing hair type, color and cut that the client currently has.

My goal is to make my clients as comfortable as possible, feeling like they are in good hands and can trust me to take their vision and customize it to be exactly what they need so they leave feeling refreshed and looking good and confident. I can work with a wide variety of hair types and have the professional skills to achieve a lot of different looks. I enjoy when clients sit in my chair with an idea of where they would like to go with their hair, some sort of goal, but be wanting to let me use my expertise to make that goal realistic and customized to them.

I take pride in feeling confident in many different realms of color, from coppers and reds, to brunettes, dimensional tones and gray coverage, to blonding work ranging from natural balayage to bleached out platinums. I also love vibrant rainbow colors as well if a client is ready for a big project! My cutting specialties are similarly wide, from long soft layers to pixies to all sorts of bobs to shags and mullets and definitely bangs,

I love bangs. I also have expertise in keratin smoothing treatments to help clients with frizzy, coarse textured hair achieve more manageability.

If what I have to offer sounds like the hairdresser you’re looking for, let's work together!

my favorite products

I use Kevin.Murphy styling products on all of my clients.

they combine intention with natural ingredients to give you the look you are going for with ease, amazing smells, gorgeous packaging, all while being kind to the environment.




cancellation policy

You will receive a confirmation text 72 hours before your appointment.


If you have to cancel after that 72 hours, please be sure to text me to let me know so I can adjust my schedule.

If you do not show up to your scheduled appointment, and you do not contact me, you will not be allowed to book any future appointments.

Please know that even being 10 minutes late could throw off my whole schedule for the day, so I ask that you please plan ahead and arrive on time!



Bang trim


Classic Haircut


Transformative Haircut

For clients with LOTS of hair,

or a clients needing a big length+style change




Gloss can be customized to dark or light hair for added shine, conditioning, + toning.​

$100 for Gloss + Blowdry // $150 for Gloss + Haircut

Base Touch Up + Gloss or All Over Color

ONLY for current clients with recurring appointments that I have already created a custom formula for.


Partial Foil

For clients only needing foils around the hairline, a few on each side, + through the top of the head around the parting.

If you are wanting a lot brighter blonde with a lot of coverage, please book a full highlight.

$100 per hour // typical appointment runs 2.5-3 hours

Full Foil

Full head of foils, customizable to each client.

$100 per hour // typical appointment runs 3-4.5 hours


Freehand painting throughout the whole head, customized to each client.

$100 per hour // typical appointment runs 3-4 hours

Bleach + Tone Regrowth

Platinum hair root touch up

$115 per hour // typical appointment runs 3-4.5 hours

Bleach + Tone Whole Head

Whole head bleach + tone for clients who are wanting to go platinum all over.

$115 per hour // typical appointment runs 4-6 hours

Double Process Bleach + Color

For clients wanting any fun colors in their hair, step one is lifting the hair to the level of lightness needed with foil work, and then in the second process we’ll apply the desired colors.

It is required to receive a haircut with this appointment.

$115 per hour // typical appointment runs 5-7 hours

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment using Keratin Complex brand products. Customizable to fine/blonde hair or thicker/coarse hair.

Includes a dry haircut.

This treatment requires you to not wash your hair for 3 days afterwards. Please reach out to me for more information on the process if you have questions!

$115 per hour // typical appointment runs 3.5-4.5 hours

Color Corrections

Determined by consultation.

$150 per hour


Shampoo + Blowdry + Style



Do you have any time to squeeze me in sooner? Same day appointments? Do you have any other times available other than what's on your website?

Unfortunately no, what's available on my calendar is what I have available.

​What if I change my mind about what I'd like to do with my color last minute?

I have to make sure I'm prepared and buy all of my color ahead of time, so please let me know what you'd like to do or change up at least a week ahead of time!

How should I come to my appointment?

Please come with semi clean-ish hair, 2-4 days old is fine. Having your hair free of excessive product like dry shampoo or pomades will help my color work at its best capacity.

Please no turtlenecks or bulky sweaters like hoodies if you can’t take them off! It’s best to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, that will make it easy for me to give you the best cut + color possible.

How does your tipping process work?

I charge what I believe my time is worth, so I make what I need to make. My prices don’t include gratuity, but I don't have any tipping expectations. If you left feeling amazing and you’d like to add a tip on, it is SO greatly appreciated and means a lot!

What if I’m not happy with my color or I need something changed?

Please tell me! I am here to make you happy with your hair so if something is feeling a little off, let me know so we can fix it! I will do my absolute best to achieve the results we want, but if you feel like something needs to be changed, you'll have 2 weeks from your original appointment date to let me know and come in for an adjustment.

I do not offer refunds of any kind, but I will always work with you on what needs to be fixed so that you feel happy, comfortable and confident.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Card, Venmo, or Cash

What product lines do you use?

Only the best!

Goldwell, Redken, PulpRiot, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Pravana, Olaplex, B3 Brazilian Bond Builder, Keratin Complex, and of course, Kevin.Murphy.

find me

HeadBang Salon

3298 32nd Street

San Diego, CA





I use my favorite Australian brand Kevin Murphy on all of my clients. Using the same philosophy as skincare, Kevin Murphy products are designed to weightlessly deliver performance, strength, and longevity. Using scientific knowledge and the best natural ingredients available, you get products that give you the look you are going for with ease, amazing smells, gorgeous packaging, all while being kind to the environment.

Kevin Murphy products utilize packaging that is not only recyclable or even biodegradable, but also uses recycled plastic, and even some products are made entirely from Ocean Waste Plastic! They use natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources that are harvested in a way that doesn’t harm the environment at all.

Abstract Liquid Glowing Vertical Wave Trail
Abstract Liquid Glowing Vertical Wave Trail

Hello! I'm so glad you found me!

there's a few things I need from you before you book!

If you are booking for a color appointment, I require clients to send me a text so you can introduce yourself, and fill me in on what your hair is like currently, give me a rundown on what you’re wanting to do with your hair, your goals, or ask questions if you just need some guidance!

Please include some good photos or even a quick video of your hair in good lighting, and if you have any inspiration photos, throw those in there too.


By reserving any appointment, you are confirming that you have read through and understand the FAQ + pricing + cancellation policies.

Once you've completed those steps,

you're ready to head to the booking site!

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hello again, friend!

I’m so stoked you’re back again and ready to book.

By reserving any appointment, you are confirming that you have read through and understand the FAQ + pricing + cancellation policies.


If you think that I may want to see what’s going on with your hair because it’s been a while, or maybe you're wanting to change it up a little bit,

please shoot me a text to give me some more info or ask any questions so we can make sure we have enough time booked!

If you know exactly what you’re booking for, we’ve been seeing each other regularly, and you know that I know exactly what formulas I like to use on you, please proceed to booking!

My pricing has been in a… 'fluctuating state' let’s say for the last year.

I will be using an hourly charging system for my longer color appointments moving forward, you can find more detailed pricing on the pricing page.

Check that out and keep in mind how long your hair usually takes me to do!